The Diving Board: Yosemite on Youtube

Celebrating John Muir's Birthday in Yosemite 4.21.14 By John P. DeGrazio, I received an invitation from my good friend Josh Cripps to join some photographers in Yosemite on the Diving Board to photograph Half Dome. It was a long and exciting journey. We even summitted Mt. Broderick, a 6700' peak along the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Join YExplore for Your Next Yosemite Adventure


Yosemite National Park is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Four million travelers a year visit this majestic place for great scenery, exhilarating challenges, and some of the best photographs they will ever take. If you are coming to Yosemite this year, here are 10 reasons why you will enjoy a Guided Yosemite Tour with our … [Read more...]

Climb a Little Higher: Wednesday Wanderings in Yosemite


Yosemite Backpacking Adventures 4.16.14By John P. DeGrazio We recently returned from an early season Yosemite Backpack Trip for three days along the North Rim of  Yosemite Valley with warm April temperatures, cool nights, and snow covered trails. Spending time in wilderness allows a person to give their body and mind a respite from the … [Read more...]

Give Me Liberty and Some Snow: Yosemite Panorama Monday 4.7.14


Photographing Panoramas of Nevada Fall and Liberty Cap By John P. DeGrazio Landscape panorama photography is becoming one of the more difficult challenges I am finding these days. The concept seems easy enough and the iPhone does a great job with ease of use of this feature. However, there are many challenges a photographer is faced … [Read more...]

Hetch Hetchy with James McGrew: Wednesday Wanderings in Yosemite 4.2.14


First Time Exploring Hetch Hetchy By John P. DeGrazio The very first time I visited Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite National Park, I did not know what to expect. I was relatively new to the area and heard that John Muir once considered it to be a nearly identical valley to Yosemite and gave his life trying to save it. "It must have been pretty … [Read more...]

Half Covered Half Dome: Yosemite Panorama Monday 3.31.14


Photographing Panoramas in Yosemite ValleyBy John P. DeGrazio A clearing storm is a thing of beauty. To capture it, you simply must be in the right place at the right time. Capturing an image you are satisfied with is a completely different subject. Here is an image I made after being in Yosemite Valley for a very quick walk at the end of a … [Read more...]

Daydreams & Panoramas: Wednesday Wanderings in Yosemite 3.26.14


Dreams of Climbs While Watching the Clouds Go ByBy John P. DeGrazio Working in Yosemite has so many benefits. Who wouldn't want to look out their office window at Half Dome? I had a meeting in Yosemite Village the other day and was a little early so I took the opportunity to lay back and close my eyes for a few minutes. Before … [Read more...]

Some Leaders are Made: Yosemite Photo Update 3.21.14


Yosemite Glacier Point Apron Rock Climbing Adventure By John P. DeGrazio Some leaders are born, some are made. I consider myself a born leader, always have. Sometimes it's tough to be a leader in this world. Despite being picked on in grammar school, passed over for kickball teams, left out of the cool group in high school, uninvited by … [Read more...]

Wednesday Wanderings in Yosemite 3.19.14: Echo Peaks


Make it Happen Today By John P. DeGrazio If it's not happening, it can never happen.  … [Read more...]

Half Dome and Dewey Point: Yosemite iPhonography Panoramas 3.17.14


Yosemite Panoramic Monday  By John P. DeGrazio  I normally don't shoot into the sun, but I was testing a new theory with the iPhone panorama camera feature. I tapped the screen to set the exposure on the peak of Half Dome in the direct sunlight to darken the rest of the image. The results were actually better than expected but still not … [Read more...]

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