#11 Gotta Have Heart


The Glow of Half Dome  By John P. DeGrazio Every story worth telling is crafted from an experience replete with highs and lows that are accompanied by the pain and triumph that ultimately go along with them. Humility will let you remember but not dwell on the negatives while relishing but not overstating the positives. It will also teach you … [Read more...]

True Colours From a Fall Visit


Yosemite in Fall with a Visiting Tour OperatorWe hosted a travel writer from the UK this past November on a FAM tour. Camilla was an adventuring spirit, and she wrote a blog post about her eye opening experience on a visit to Yosemite in Fall. The post was filled with details from our hike together on the John Muir Trail. We were happy to … [Read more...]

Ask Glen Young About Everest Base Camp Question 2

Glen and Karma share a laugh with a Sibuje elder by Luke Mislinski

Everest Base Camp Mailbag Part 2 This week's question for Glen Young is from a person wanting to know the cultural makeup of the guide team on our Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek September 19 - October 10, 2015.Q: "How many Sherpas will be on the expedition?A (Glen Young):"how many Sherpas will be on our expedition" is … [Read more...]

#86 A Bond Stronger than Steel


Sisterhood and the Half Dome Cables  by John P. DeGrazio As a father of two daughters, I am constantly reminding the older one that she needs to treat her sister with more love. "She's the only one you have so treat her better," I find myself repeating. Just today, the younger one gave her older sibling a hug as we departed for school, but … [Read more...]

Views from the Summit of El Capitan


We'll Take You There the Conventional Way  By John P. DeGrazio Congratulations once again to Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson for being the first team to free climb the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Considered by many to be the hardest rock climb in the world, the pair inspired millions of people from around the globe … [Read more...]

Mt. Watkins Mirror Lake Reflection: Yosemite Photos 2015.01.13


Morning Photography From Mirror Lake  By John P. DeGrazio Early winter mornings are the perfect time to visit Mirror Lake for a Yosemite photography hike. The light is soft, the lake is quiet, and the temperature, that's another story. Mirror Lake sits in the southeast corner of Yosemite Valley so it is often one of the coldest spots on the … [Read more...]

# 8 Jersey Strong


A 9 Year Old's Journey to the Top of Sub Dome  by John P. DeGrazio Success is not always measured by reaching the summit of the mountains we climb. Sometimes, our greatest success is determining when to terminate our summit attempt to avoid potential injury. This "live to climb another day" philosophy is not the most popular outlook in the … [Read more...]

YExplore Photo in NTA Courier Magazine


Mariposa Grove in Winter  By John P. DeGrazio The January 2015 edition of the National Tour Association Courier Magazine was released this week and one of my photos "Mariposa Grove in Winter" was featured in the issue on page 47. The article highlights several unique experiences from national parks in the western United States including … [Read more...]

Winter Scenes from Mirror Lake and Bridalveil Fall: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.1.5


Fun with Mirrors  By John P. DeGrazio There's no better way to close out a year than with a sunset hike in Yosemite National Park where we said goodbye to 2014 from Mirror Lake. I really enjoy experimenting with some new ways to take photographs of the Yosemite landmarks with my iPhone and look forward to sharing many more in 2015. Happy New … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2015

Here's to a Wonderful 2015  2014 was such a great year, we hate to see it go.  I would just like to take this time to thank everyone who helped make it so successful for YExplore. We are very excited for 2015 and have so many incredible adventures planned, none bigger than our Everest Base Camp trek. We hope you can join us.Here is a video … [Read more...]

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