Snowshoe Season in Yosemite


Yosemite Winter Wonderland  By John P. DeGrazio What a start to winter in Yosemite National Park! We are cautiously optimistic for a great winter as we have been exploring our favorite areas of the park on snowshoes this week. Over the past few days, we have enjoyed beautiful scenery at Crane Flat and Badger Pass where there is an estimated … [Read more...]

#36 High was Worth the Pain


Rising Above the Pain  to Summit Half Dome  By John P. DeGrazio Taylor Swift is a genius. Yes, you read that correctly. The highly successful pop star has written many chart topping songs that appeal to millions of people. Blank Space is one of her latest releases and admittedly, anyone who has ever been in an impulsive tempestuous … [Read more...]

Y Do We Explore?


The Seven Pillars of YExplore  By John P. DeGrazio I am often asked "what is YExplore?" or "why do you explore?" The answers are as simple as they are complex. We explore to gain new perspectives and find deeper answers about ourselves and the places we visit on our exciting journeys. As for YExplore, it's more than just a name. YExplore … [Read more...]

#53 Friendship and Half Dome Bucket Lists


Buddy Trips   By John P. DeGrazio "The Bucket List" was a buddy film with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson about completing a list of things you want to do before you die, or more poetically, kick the bucket. Surprisingly, the Half Dome hike was not on their bucket list, but Jack and Morgan are more than welcome to call us anytime. This … [Read more...]

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas from YExplore


Shop for Outdoor Adventure Gear Looking for a last minute gift for the holidays? We have a limited quantity of these great holiday gifts in our Gear Shop at very special holiday prices. This is an excellent way to help a small business and look good good while doing it. … [Read more...]

Snowshoeing in Yosemite


See You Soon  By John P. DeGrazio The storms this week have been a great start for a wer California winter. Today we are thinking about snow so we can begin snowshoeing, our favorite winter activity in Yosemite National Park. Looking at these photos make us wish we were hiking on fresh carpets of snow at Dewey Point or one of the majestic … [Read more...]

#2 Getting to Know You


Learning the Ropes   by John P. DeGrazio My legs are really burning. I don't remember these cables being so hard the last time. That's because this IS harder. I didn't realize this cable would be so heavy. At least we're both sharing the load. Hey, don't sit there! I'm barely holding on. "Sorry" Jacob apologized as he sat in the only crack in … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving From YExplore


Happy Thanksgiving from YExplore! … [Read more...]

#72 A Couple of Buckeyes on Half Dome


2 Hikes with 2 Buckeyes  by John P. DeGrazio We were all standing on top of Clouds Rest, and Bob leaned over to me to ask "How many miles is it again?" My answer was 17. Of course, we still had about 7 1/2 half miles remaining on our day's hike down from the summit of Clouds Rest, but he was already looking ahead to Thursday's hike of Half … [Read more...]

Yosemite Falls Tic Tac Toe: Yosemite Panorama Photos 11.25.14


Return of Yosemite Falls  By John P. DeGrazio We hiked the Yosemite Falls trail yesterday to reap the benefits of the weekend's storms. On the way up the trail, we ran into a family who had just come from the short hike to Bridalveil Fall. They expressed their disappointment in the low amount of water in the waterfalls. Here we were, … [Read more...]

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