Happy 177th Birthday John Muir: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.04.21


Retracing Muir's Footsteps on the North Rim  By John P. DeGrazio It's not every day you get to follow a legend. This past week I had the opportunity to follow the path of the greatest Yosemite legend of all time, John Muir. It's only fitting that we honor him on what would have been his 177th birthday today, April 21.John Muir wrote … [Read more...]

Return to Normalcy: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.04.10


Back in the Swing of Things  By John P. DeGrazio It's been a hectic month in and out of Yosemite to Red Rocks, the Grand Canyon, SoCal, and a stop at the Marin Headlands. I haven't had many opportunities to create unique panorama photos in Yosemite recently, but that should change as spring turns into summer and we have more access to some … [Read more...]

Adventure Day with My Daughter: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.03.17


Explore Nature with Your Children   By John P. DeGrazio If I had a dollar for every Facebook post with a generic proclamation about how kids make their parents proud, I'd be a rich man. Facebook seems to be inundated with these types of posts that end with share if you are proud of your daughter or son. I find irony in these posts because … [Read more...]

Out There

Echo Lake from Echo Peak #3, Yosemite National Park

The Three Rs of Being "Out There"  By Alex Ainley I have spent the last seven hours inside my solo tent. There is an enormous storm blowing furiously outside. Wind is ripping at my tent almost rhythmically, pounding and snapping succeeding in testing her fortitude. I am nestled comfortably in my bag munching on some rustic kitchen hodgepodge … [Read more...]

Half Dome Permit Lottery 2015


Apply for Half Dome Permits March 1-31, 2015  By John P. DeGrazio Today is the first day to apply for the Half Dome permit lottery which will run from 12am PST on March 1 to 11:59pm PDT on March 31. If you are planning on hiking to the summit of Half Dome on any day from May 22 to October 13, 2015, you will be required to obtain a permit to … [Read more...]

#20 Finding Solitude in Wilderness


A Solo Half Dome Adventure  By John P. DeGrazio Do we choose our adventures or do our adventures choose us?I moved to California two years after my first visit to Yosemite. On that trip, our group hiked to the top of Half Dome and were left craving more adventure, but not necessarily more Half Dome. When I started YExplore, there were … [Read more...]

A Face in the Clouds


Half Dome From Mt. Watkins  By John P. DeGrazio I take a lot of photos in Yosemite that I post on this site as well as my YExplore Instagram account. Most of my shots are admittedly from my iPhone camera in an attempt to share with the world that you don't need an expensive camera to take expressive images in a place as beautiful as Yosemite … [Read more...]

Waterfalls & Clouds: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.02.23


The Storm that Wasn't   By John P. DeGrazio Rain and snow were in the forecast for Yosemite yesterday so we showed some flexibility in rescheduling our events for the weekend. We flip-flopped a photo workshop with an adventure hike, and everything worked out perfectly.As the leader of the hike, I was thrilled to be greeted by fresh … [Read more...]

#24 It’s Not How You Start


It's How You Finish  By John P. DeGrazio I was up at the plate with a runner on second base and one out. I hit the ball pretty well but lined out to the right center fielder for the second out. Our cleanup hitter followed with a fly out to right. It was the first time all tournament we failed to score a single run in the first inning. … [Read more...]

Cloudless Days in Yosemite Valley: Yosemite Panorama Photos 2015.02.18


Looking on the Bright Side  By John P. DeGrazio Last week it rained for a couple days, and then it stopped. Soccer practice ended, and we were off. Making it to OMG Point is quite an adventure for a 4 year old who was up to the challenge. Sure, we hiked back with the aid of headlamps, but the memories and the burgers were worth it. Here's a … [Read more...]

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