Yosemite via NY/NJ by John P. DeGrazio

2014 Testimonials

Hi John, our trip was amazing. We cannot stop talking about it. Lindsey was a fun, intelligent, spirited, lovely guide. We really enjoyed being around her all day. Your recommendation was great. We saw so many things we didn’t expect to see. We will definitely recommend you and we will go online to trip advisor or whatever other sites you’d like us to do highly recommend your tours.  We really appreciate you accommodating us at the last minute and I loved everything about the day.  Thank you!!! Roberta and Kristina, 8.8.14

I booked this trip to attempt to duplicate a quintessential Ansel Adams photograph. My plans exceeded expectations a hundred fold as the photographic opportunity turned into a once in a lifetime experience, and the greatest single photograph I’ve ever taken. It is the kind of photograph one might see on an Outdoor Photography Magazine cover. I can’t thank John and Catherine enough. I’m already making plans for next year.
Brian Andersen, Charmichael, CA 7.31-8.2.14

Lindsay was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The hike was a lot of fun and quite memorable.
Michael Dweck, 7.30.14

John was a great guide and we really enjoyed the experience. He was very patient with our two young girls and took the time to teach and stimulate thinking whenever possible. The hike was as much about learning the geology, flora, fauna, and “leave no trace” principles as it was about seeing the amazing sites of Yosemite. Our hike lasted longer than expected due to the many questions and discussion along the way. It was the right amount of physical exertion for a family with a 7 and 9 year old. We were pushed but completed the hike. Great day with lots of wonderful memories and as many pictures.
Chris Boruff, 7.22.14

I can not say enough about this experience! We had such a great time and learned so much! Jesse was extremely patient and easygoing .His knowledge of photography, especially night skies was extensive! John and Katherine were wonderful too!
L. Richardson, 7.18.14

Robb is an excellent teacher. He stayed on message with consistent and understandable suggestions. It was very helpful to hear his take on photographing different scenes. He always asked me what I thought and never made it about what he thought. He made me think and offered different possibilities about compositions and framing, very gently but memorably suggesting alternatives. His technical instruction made perfect sense and will stay with me forever. I’d read about most of the photographic concepts and issues we covered but to see them demonstrated and adjusted in real time in a real location was quite powerful. After I’d take a shot he’d give me his thoughts always pointing out the positives. He might then move the camera an inch or two to show a better reflection or to correct some convergence in the frame. His knowledge of Yosemite and photography in general and his preparation were way beyond what I expected. Robb brought additional equipment to demonstrate different effects and rescued me with camera rain gear when a downpour struck. He didn’t blink and we kept right on shooting. He was very conscious of my safety at all times. He often asked how I was doing, would I prefer to speed up or slow down or my thoughts on this location over that one. In addition to all of that he’s a very nice fellow. Very friendly and easy to get along with yet very professional. Highly recommended!
Dix Bruce, 7.14.14 and 7.16.14

Wow. Had no idea what a superb guide we were getting with David Lukas. He not only knows the birds, but when the birding gets a little slow, he just looks around and starts telling you stories about nature things around you. His manner of educating you is intoxicating and downright fun! I felt like a kid back in school with the best teacher possible. HIGHLY recommend this trip for anyone!
Jenny Bowman, 7.13.14

Our Toulumne Meadows hike was fantastic! Lindsey is a natural teacher and did a great job of gaging our kids interests and abilities. The added bonus was being able to have Lindsey not only help us with our Junior Ranger books, but also swear us in at the visitor’s center. We would highly recommend YExplore to anyone, and if we are fortunate enough to return to Yosemite in the future, we would not hesitate to book another hike or adventure! Thank you!
Kristan Joice 7.10.14

Al was wonderful, learned a lot from him and He took me places that I would not have gone By myself
Thanks again
Rich, 7.2.14

This was, hands down, THE MOST MAGNIFICENT experience we’ve had. Our guide, Ryan P. was absolutely FABULOUS!! We highly recommend YExplore. Haven’t been able to wipe these smiles off of our faces!
Cherly Herman 7.1-2.14

Our hike with Gabe was one of the highlights of our trip.  The whole family really enjoyed Yosemite – and I think it was partly due to Gabe’s wonderful personality and interaction with our children.  He is extremely knowledgeable and really a lovely guy to spend a day with. For reference – we travelled around the US this summer and hired guides in Washington DC, DisneyWorld, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks.  Gabe was, without a doubt, our favorite.  Although the guides at the other parks (and Disney) were all excellent – Gabe was the best with our kids and really focused on making sure that we all had a wonderful time.  The level of hike was just-right for us…I hope that we will have the opportunity to return again in the future.
Kindest regards, Michael, 06.28.14

Ryan was an excellent guide who made my first ever backpacking experience memorable by sharing his knowledge about Yosemite and giving me tips about future backpacking adventures. I was the youngest one in the group so he was really compassionate, caring and helpful. Yexplores did a great job in taking us on the lesser traveled trails and showing us the magnificent places in the Yosemite valley. The food throughout the trip was great. Our guide Ryan was wonderful cook, easy to get along and very motivating through strenuous hikes. Thank you Yexplorers. Great job on setting a really high standard for me to take on new backpacking adventures in future. Thank you so much.
Poonampreet Kaur Josan, 6.23-26.14

Mateo and Lindsay were enthusiastic and energetic guides. They showed a real love of Yosemite in everything they shared. Their knowledge of any subject related to the park was outstanding
Sarah Quarterman, 6.17.14 and 6.18.14

John and Gabe helped make our family adventure vacation a success. They provided instruction, guidance, support, and encouraged our group to make it to the top. Thanks.
Robert Lightner, 6.17.14

Rob was fantastic. He gave practical easy to understand tips and advice that dramatically improved our photograph skills. Many of the subjects covered, we’ve been trying to understand for years. One afternoon with Rob achieved more than multiple years of study. THANK YOU!
Sarah Quarterman, 6.16.14

Couldn’t have been happier with Robb and the entire experience. Learned a lot, Saw some amazing scenery and may have even come away with a few really nice photos!
John Dorazio, 6.9.14

Ryan was awesome. Fun, phenomenal camp cook and all around knowledgeable guy. We loved him!
Erin Ward, 5-31.14-6.1.14

David is the best! We enjoyed the experience and enjoyed our day very much.
Teri Bradley, 5.31.14

Thanks to John and Gabe who gave us a special day. They showed us that the natural beauty of Yosemite Is to be respected as well as to be marvelled at. We enjoyed the walk which was always interesting and never too strenuous. There were many vivid memories -the 360 view from Sentinel Dome the view into the void at Taft Point the photo of Gabe on The overhanging rock at Glacier point the many discussions with John about the Geological evolution of the area including xenoliths!
Many thanks
Margaret and Dave (one red one blue), 5.29.14

Can’t wait to come back for more. I really hope your team goes global! Looking forward to backpacking the Canadian Rockies, Yellowstone and Joshua Tree with you in the future.
Tosan Boyo, 5.17-20.14

John, The trip was great. Robb was great-  not only in taking us to some great locations but giving a lot of very helpful tips on taking better pictures.  Plus he was a super nice guy. I really wasn’t expecting a real pro to be showing us around. I think I got some great shots to take home. I would highly recommend him and will try to get a review up on TripAdvisor to recommend both your company and Robb.
Thanks again.
Greg Thomas, 5.13.14

David was excellent and provided the kind of unique trip we were looking for. He is a marvel at finding and identifying birds. We learned much new information about the geology of the valley. His knowledge of plants is also extensive. Plus, he is just a pleasant person.
George Pantley, 5.12.14

We had an ideal day hiking in Yosemite with John. His enthusiasm was refreshing and he tuned in to our needs and abilities throughout the hike. John was very knowledgeable about the environment and history of Yosemite and hearing those things highlighted a beautiful day.
John Stayner, 5.10.14

James, our tour guide, was very informative about the history, geography, and the landscape of the park. The stroll around the park was easy and beautiful. Would recommend to any age group.
Salvatore Casale, 5.2.14

It was an enjoyable experience, Thanks for the opportunity.
Rana Ford, 5.3.14

My son and I went on a guided hike to Inspiration Point. We had a fantastic time. Our guide was exceptional. He told us fascinating stories of Yosemite’s history, we learned about the geology, and about the plants and animals. We had a wonderful time. We highly recommend it.
Mike Eaton, 2.20.14

Excellent trip to inspiration pt and Stanford pt.
Our group had wide range of ages (12 to 75 y.o) and the guide was able to accommodate everyone.
Thank you for an excellent hike.
Min Yoon, 2.16.14

John led us on an amazing trek out to Dewey Point, teaching us about the flora, fauna, geology and history of the area all along the way. We had a wonderful time and John was an outstanding guide!
Karen Ruocco, 2.15.14

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