Advanced Photo Classes


Yosemite Advanced Photo Class by Joshua Cripps

Premium services are available for more experienced photo enthusiasts who wish to apply finer points of photography in a natural setting. Advanced Photo Classes will focus on advanced techniques for photographing wildlife or macro subjects. They will cater to more experienced photographers who possess the proper equipment needed for this extensive session. These tours are not recommended for novices. Each group will be selected after a brief screening process.


Programs are crafted by an expert photographer who will lead each session. Tours last from four hours.

Price: $275 per person


Yosemite Macro Photography Workshop by Phil Schermeister


Does the miniature world of nature fascinate you? Yosemite National Park has an abundance of macro photographic possibilities. Lush mountain meadows harbor wildflowers, butterflies, spiders and many other insects. Capturing these tiny wonders requires specialized photographic tools and techniques. Our macro photo field sessions will reveal how to find and photograph the incredible world of the macro subject. Macro photography can sometimes be a gear intensive facet of photography and our time in the field will reveal the options available. We will consider the advantages of the macro lens, diopters, and extension tubes. We will also cover natural light vs. total flash illumination. Other factors such as flash sync speed, diffusion, and specialized flash brackets will also be explored.


Yosemite Coyote Pouncing on Prey by Walter Flint


While generally not considered a wildlife photographic destination, Yosemite offers an incredible array of wildlife possibilities. Mule Deer, Coyotes, Black Bears, Woodpeckers and many other species of mammals and birds wait to be photographed in their natural environment. This photo workshop will consider location, animal behavior, lens and tripod selection and other issues confronting the wildlife photographer. Field sessions may be customized to focus on a particular type of wildlife as long as it fits the seasonal habits of the animals and the success of photographing them is reasonable.


Dewdrops Reflection by Walter Flint


Photograph Yosemite from a different perspective. Our unique Yosemite Photography Workshops present opportunities to take control of your camera and achieve your artistic goals in the natural setting of Yosemite National Park. They are open to photo enthusiasts of all experience levels in every season. Every tour is designed to help you sharpen skills and learn interesting techniques from exciting shooting locations throughout the park. Each class we offer is a unique interpretive educational experience. Our Photo Guides have lived and worked in Yosemite for many years and will help you discover some of the park’s lesser known shooting locations. Participants may choose their subjects and specific topics, and our professional photographer will plan a tour especially for each student. Further, their main focus will be on improving your photography (not their own) throughout the entire session to ensure that you leave Yosemite with a new found knowledge and some of the best photos in your library. It is that personal attention that separates us from our competitors. We guarantee smaller class sizes with a better student/teacher ratio. If a session is not scheduled on our Calendar, we will customize one for you. Dynamic Pricing is available on all tours. The price per person will decrease as the size of the group increases.

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