(Due to COVID-19, we have suspended all backpacking activities until further notice)
We can offer you below listed Day Hikes instead

YExplore has guided tours in Yosemite National Park for groups of all ages in every season. We guarantee smaller rosters for a better experience on your Yosemite tour. We will customize a tour for you with any group size. All tours have a privacy option. See all the options below and book, call or email today.

Adventurous Hikes in Yosemite National Park


Beginner Hikes From $125

Yosemite National Park’s natural wonder is waiting to be explored on this adventure hike.

Moderate Hikes From $125

Escape from the masses and take some of Yosemite’s most scenic trails a little further.

Intermediate Hikes From $125

Achieve new heights on some of Yosemite’s most scenic trails. They will generally be longer than a moderate hike with more dramatic elevation gains.


Challenging Hikes From $125

r two), and you will be rewarded with incomparable views and a greater sense of accomplishment.


Strenuous Hike From $200

Embark on a journey that will test your personal boundaries in some of the most demanding terrain in Yosemite.

Yosemite Backpack Trip to Clouds Rest Summit by John P. DeGrazio

Experience Yosemite Wilderness and live for a few days in the backcountry as John Muir would “while cares will drop off like Autumn leaves”. Our backpack trips allow you to unplug and decompress while you literally follow in Muir’s footprints throughout Yosemite’s wild Sierra. Times may have changed, but the wilderness continues to attract many a hiker. Allow us to bring you to some of our favorite spots as we ramble through the high country. We offer two to five day trips tailored to fit any back country experience you desire. Private tours are available.

For 2 Day Half Dome Backpack Trips, please visit our Half Dome Page

Backpacking outings are offered throughout the year. Please call (209) 532 7014 or toll free (800) 886 8009 for their availability. Prices vary based on size of group and number of participants.

(Due to COVID-19, we have suspended all backpacking activities until further notice)

2021 Dates Available for Overnight Half Dome Backpack Trips (includes permits):         


2-5+ Day Custom Yosemite Backpacking Trips with experienced guides

Beginner Trips:

Want a good introduction to backpacking with spectacular views? These trips are great for families with younger children or for beginners who want time to relax along the trail. (view itineraries..)

Moderate Backpack Hikes:

Choose these trips with similar views as other outings but with a less strenuous climb and descent. Great for families and beginners. (view itineraries..)

Moderately Strenuous Tours:

Challenge yourself by traveling farther each day with bigger ascents that yield greater payoffs. (view itineraries..)

Strenuous Backpack Treks:

Strenuous backpack hikes are most demanding and offer rewards that may only be seen after exerting a maximum effort and should only be attempted by the most fit hikers looking for an exceptional challenge. (view itineraries..)

Family Backpack trip at Young Lakes by John P. DeGrazio


What to expect: We can provide tents, backpacks, and all necessary gear for your trips. We always will design a menu, prepare all the food, and obtain the permits for you. We’ll send you a gear list once you begin planning your adventure with us so that you know how to prepare. You also get to make choices about how you’ll eat on the trail, we’ll send you a menu with options and you can tell us your dietary preferences. Our hikes are flexible. We have the option to add days or shorten trips. Individual trip availability depends on current weather, snow, and fire conditions. Daily mileage will vary according to the itinerary you choose.

With the hustle and bustle of modern life thousands of feet below and many miles away, time has nothing to do but slow down. This gives you ample time to appreciate the high country in all its glory. Whether it is the alpine meadows overflowing with wildflowers, or the best crystal clear swimming holes known to mankind, you just can’t go wrong. Our richly experienced guides hope to offer insight into the many facets of back country living. A few examples include the creation of simple delectable meals, ways of streamlining your gear, and the practice of various techniques that will minimize physical strain and allow you to feel at home in the mountains.

Group Backpack on North Rim of Yosemite Valley
Note: Many of our backpacking trips can also include a permit for a Half Dome summit attempt at no extra charge. It must be a reasonable destination according to the trip itinerary.

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