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YExplore Half Dome Summit Club

YExplore Half Dome Summit Club by John P. DeGrazio

Yosemite Guided Half Dome Hikes

2016 Dates for Available Half Dome Permits: TBA

Day Hike: 
2 Day overnight Hike with Half Dome Permit:

Hike Half Dome and attempt the 8842′ Summit with the most experienced Yosemite Guide Service rated highest in customer satisfaction. We break down the hike into manageable sections to help you focus on your goal. We will safely guide your group and give you the best possible chance for success while you learn about the area’s natural history.

Join us for a fully educational Guided trip and embark on a journey of self discovery during this life altering experience. Panoramic views are as incomparable as the sense of achievement you will feel upon completion of this epic adventure. Achieve the summit with us, and you will earn your very own Half Dome Summit Club Patch.

Summiting the tallest peak in Yosemite Valley is a major accomplishment, and our experienced guides provide you with interpretation, preparation, trail knowledge, coaching, safety gear, and the benefit of added security for anyone attempting this remarkable feat. We prepare you for the long one-day journey (2 days as a backpack trip), provide insight to the trail, offer assistance on the cables, and help you maintain your confidence throughout the day so you are able to focus on achieving your goal. Join us for a Strenuous Half Dome hiking tour and reward yourself with breathtaking views and a true sense of fulfillment.


The fabled Half Dome Cables in Yosemite by John P. DeGrazio


  • Custom Guided Tours with Expert Hiking Guides
  • Mountaineering and Outdoor Skills Building
  • Safety Gear & Proven Techniques on Every Hike
  • Effective Management of the Sub Dome & Cables
  • Interpretive Natural History Education
  • Scenic Photography Classes

Our lead guide John DeGrazio has directed over 100 successful summits of Half Dome since YExplore was founded in 2006. With that experience, he has developed and shared several techniques with our clients on the guided hike. Our high success rate is a direct result of the advantages provided by these strategies.

Our educational tour will explore the geologic and natural history of Half Dome, Yosemite, and the Sierra Nevada combined with a photography workshop teaching all students the art of making nature photographs. Equipped with our cameras, we will make the epic all day journey. Our instructors will teach about the aspects of exposure throughout several different periods of changing light that will make each photograph unique and interesting. This exciting all inclusive adventure will not only take you to the top, but you will end your day with a broader knowledge of the ecology and a sense of achievement both physically and photographically that you never imagined.

Each trip includes the use of special safety equipment on the Half Dome Cables. These items include reliable gloves, custom designed safety belts, and carabiners. Hiking poles will also be provided upon request.


Summiting Half Dome in Yosemite will put your head in the clouds by John P. DeGrazio

Half Dome in a Day Adventure Prices:

1 Person Price: $255

Discounts are applied when more than one person joins this tour.

Reaching the Yosemite Half Dome Summit at Sunrise by John P. DeGrazio

2 Day Half Dome Backpack Adventure – 17 Miles

If you would like to attempt Half Dome’s summit, but need more than one day, we can make arrangements for an overnight adventure that includes backpacking.

Day 1 –  6 miles to Camp at Little Yosemite Valley or the Merced Lake Pass Through

Day 2 – 11 miles to the top of Half Dome at sunrise, a return to camp, and to pack out down the John Muir Trail

1 Person Price: $650

Half Dome Trail and Gear Guide: Read more for information  to successfully complete a summit hike.

There are a limited number of wilderness permits available each day from various trailheads. Please contact us for more details.
URGENT NOTE: Half Dome now requires permits on all summer days. There will be a quota system of 300 permits per day. Please contact us if you receive permits through the lottery system and we will make arrangements to safely lead you on this hike (209) 532-7014

Half Dome Safety Video:


Muscle up to Beat the Half Dome Cables by John P. DeGrazio

Half Dome Hikes: Require a greater dedication of time and effort. These taxing hikes will last all day (12 hours or more), encounter dramatic elevation changes (4,842′ total), and will provide greater challenges than any other tours. Half Dome Hikes are the most challenging of the strenuous hikes and require more planning than others. We strongly recommend completing a full training regimen when preparing for this hike. Please call us to discuss your plans to attempt Half Dome and how you are preparing for it.

Can O Peaches Blog Post: Tips to help you reach the Half Dome Summit by John P. DeGrazio


Earn your very own Half Dome Patch by reaching the summit with YExplore

YExplore Policies Payments, cancellations, tipping, etc (









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