Yosemite Photography Classes

YExplore has guided tours in Yosemite National Park for groups of all ages in every season. We guarantee smaller rosters for a better experience on your Yosemite tour. We will customize a tour for you with any group size. All tours have a privacy option. See all the options below and book, call or email today.

Unique Photography Workshops in Yosemite National Park


Photography Class: Beginner From $300

Sharpen your photographic skills, take control of your camera, and achieve your artistic goals in the natural setting of Yosemite National Park.

4 Day Majestic Yosemite Workshop with Sappna Reddy 24th - 27th of June

The small group workshop is set up to incorporate hands on learning for both acquisition of images in the field as well as optimal post processing for image rendition. 


Yosemite Valley Icons Landscape Class From $300

This tour is appropriate for those shooting either black and white, or color photography, and will focus on a select number of locations from which these icons photographed Yosemite Valley.

Photography Class: Advanced From $300

Premium services are available for more experienced photo enthusiasts who wish to apply finer points of photography in the scenic Yosemite Valley setting!

More Info about our Yosemite Photography Workshops

Our unique Yosemite Photography Workshops present opportunities to take control of your camera and achieve your artistic goals in a natural setting with personalized attention from your instructor. All workshops are open to photo enthusiasts of every experience level 12 months a year.

Spectacular views unfold as we walk through the landscape of Yosemite National Park while exploring aspects of composition, perspective, depth of field, motion, color, lighting, and natural history of your subject during our Yosemite photography workshops. We will discuss the techniques of wide angle photography, macro, and telephoto to isolate and simplify a subject. All the best landscape and nature photographers produce consistently great images because they not only know the technical and aesthetic aspects of their medium, but they also know their subject. Likewise, participants will discover the elements of Yosemite that make the park special from their geology, to the flora and fauna, and history. You’ll apply your newly found technical knowledge coupled with your personal emotion/vision to create meaningful interpretations of your session. Our custom half day photo classes last between 4 and 5 hours. The duration of our specially priced extended workshops will vary.

Yosemite Photography Workshops Golub

Choose from these Exciting Half Day Yosemite Photo Classes 

Yosemite Photography Workshops Summers

 Full Day and Extended Yosemite Photography Workshops

All Yosemite Photography Workshops are designed to help you sharpen skills and learn interesting techniques from exciting shooting locations throughout the park. Each class we offer is a unique interpretive educational experience. Our Photo Guides have lived and worked in Yosemite for many years and will help you discover some of the park’s lesser known shooting locations in the most optimal periods of light.

Yosemite Photography Workshops Cripps
Yosemite Twin Valleys Workshop Clearing Storm by Joshua Cripps

Yosemite Photography Workshops

We provide a personalized experience for all our Yosemite Photography Workshops beginning with the booking process. Participants may choose their subjects and specific topics of discussion, and our professional photographer will tailor their instructions for each individual student. We guarantee smaller class sizes with a better student/teacher ratio and will guarantee a class even for a single student. We customize our photo classes for our students. 

Please visit our Testimonials Page to see what others have said about our unmatched customer service on our Yosemite Photography Workshops. All Yosemite Photography Workshops are Private or Semi Private Tours.

YExplore Photography Guides

Yosemite Full Day Photo Workshops Cripps
Yosemite Full Day Photography Session with Joshua Cripps
All Photo Tours require a certain amount of hiking. Most are very easy camera walks to optimize time spent in the field. Longer hikes with rewarding vistas are also available.

YExplore Policies Payments, cancellations, tipping, etc (

Minimum Requirements for all Tours: Any camera which offers manual control over the shutter speed and aperture. Digital cameras preferred because they offer instant feedback. An SLR with a pair of lenses (i.e. wide angle zoom and a long telephoto) would be ideal. We frequently encounter wildlife in these areas so a long lens is handy to have on hand. A tripod is strongly recommended. Bring food, water, sunscreen, rain gear, and sturdy walking shoes. Feel free to ask any questions about the content or requirements.

YExplore Policies Payments, cancellations, tipping, etc (